Manal Wazeer
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A story for young readers aimed at inspiring acts of kindness rooted in pleasing Allah.

You would love to teach your children to love Allah but you are not sure where to start. Resilient Rida and the Cochlear Implant introduces children to Allah’s Names in a story format making it easier for children to understand how Allah’s Names can be used in an everyday context. Understanding Allah’s Names helps us love Allah and rely on Him to navigate the challenges of life.

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About Me

I grew up in a tiny town called Ruwais in the U.A.E , where books were scarce. I read every book that I could get my hands on and would dream of one day becoming an author. That dream had to be on pause for a long time. While it was collecting dust, I pursued another passion. I did my undergraduate degree in India to become a speech-language pathologist and an audiologist. I moved to Sri Lanka, to work in a clinic that helped children and adults who were hard of hearing. I then moved to Canada to pursue a master’s degree in speech-language pathology at the University of Western Ontario. After I had my son, I revisited my old dream of becoming an author. Apart from writing children’s books, I enjoy writing poetry, baking, doodling and going on all sorts of outdoor adventures.